The journey from RN to NP

As I sit here I was thinking about the change that is about to begin for me in my nursing journey. I am about to graduate as a nurse practitioner. Some days I feel like I am betraying my fellow nurses that work in the trenches, and others I see this as a way to care for my patients in a way I wasn’t able to before. I have gained knowledge and the ability to be a provider (which in itself can be scary). I now have even more responsibly in my hands. Prescribing narcotics, and any medicines can possible make someone worse or kill them. I just wanted to share this thought now that I plan to more into the world of nurse practitioners. I have enjoyed my time as a bedside nurse, but I was ready to move on and provide patients with more care.

I respect all bedside nurses. You truly have the hardest job. You explain things to patients the doctors couldn’t put in patient terms, you have multiple patients and their call lights going off, patient need you to help them walk or help clean them up so you do the heavy lifting, you get the brunt of all the patients’ anger at the system(which are thing no one can help), you are the one having to see what providers don’t see and you know something just since right but no one really listens, you wipe butts and u have a degree (I don’t see a business degree doing that), you get body fluids on you or are exposed to weird diseases and pray you don’t bring them home, you have patients die suddenly that meant the world to you and you try not to cry during or after their code, you are being stretch beyond your limit because of new healthcare regulations and budget cuts to a level that isn’t safe but you manage somehow and hope you don’t forget anything, you are the people who run the healthcare system,but you don’t ever get paid enough and the hospitals are constantly taking away your autonomy. Bedside nurses in all places rock. I just wanted to give you shout out as I leave the bedside nurses ranks and try to become an amazing provider. I will never forget my roots and will always respect the job you do. I never want to lose sight of what you do cause then I will be like the people who don’t understand and just give orders and get made when they aren’t done cause you had a patient have an accident or some emotional outbreak which is sometimes on the top of your priority list over starting that IV.