The snow-apocalypse

So as everyone knows here in Alabama we got a little snow. This little snow turned the state upside down in a matter of minutes. I was in Bibb county at Cahaba Medical Care at my women’s health nurse practitioner clinical. (Did I mention i have less than 80 something days to graduate?) When we figured out the snow was not going to be just flurries by 11:30 I was getting worried and decided to leave for birmingham. Little did I know the road were already iced. I mean it was within 30 minutes!!! I gases up the car by the bridge in town that was already closed and called my husband and left. Hubs helped me plot a way home. I drove the interstate and state highways. I ran into all the same trouble as everyone else but after much freaking out and giving my husband a play by play of every slide, spin and stupid thing other people did I made it home. It took 6 hours but I was so happy to be alive, the car not injured, and home. (Btw I was in a front wheel drive mazda 3  which was my husband car. He was suppose to be getting the oil changed in mine)

After all the adventure we played in the snow with Bella and Lucy ( pictures to come)  and cooked dinner and made snow ice cream! My husband has never had snow icecream!!! I am glad I got him to set bowels out. So here are a few pictures from my adventure.

This is before I left Bibb county



just driving in Bham

Snow icecream

Snow icecream


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