Weekend Blast

So this weakend after all the snow melted I had a chance to take Bella out of the house for some fun. I met Kristen that works with the hubs in CICU at the dog park in Irondale.   Bella has been to the park once before with Lexi, Kristen’s fur baby. This time there was many other dogs and Bella was a little scared.

Lexi and Bella

Lexi and Bella

My best bigger friend Lexi

My best bigger friend Lexi

Running with the Pack

Running with the Pack

Just a few of the pictures of Bella playing with the others. It was black lab day at the park. Bella had lots of fun, but wasn’t completely sure how to play with these dogs that are bigger than her. On occasion she would hide under the pinic table when one of the others got aggressive. After the park Bella slept or chewed a bone all day long. Hopefully we can take her again this weekend.

Anyone take their dogs to the park around Birmingham and where?

Any advice on a new puppy and training?


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