OB is not always happy

Today is the second event for me in the past week with my OB residency that I have experienced the sad side of having babies. One experience was at work. I haven’t help deliver a baby in quite some time and I happen to end up helping deliver a still born baby. The baby was beautiful. It was very sad to see a 30-something week old baby being born with no trace of life in him. Seeing the labor and delivery nurse swaddle the baby though was inspiring. She was so gentle and caring for the passed away tiny human. The worse part was the mom was so sick she was not even wake to see her tiny son born.

Another event this week was I was at clinic as a student and we had a patient that we have been providing care to for months. She came in thinking she was in labor. This is normally happy, but when the patient was seen the baby was in distress and not moving as much in the past 2 days. She was sent to the hospital and was delivered. The sad part is she was not delivered right away or even a week before when we sent her to the hospital for some complications. Now she is in the ICU and and so is her baby. Keeping this baby healthy for this long and then suddenly have this happen does not make OB the sweet happy profession I liked.  It is also frustrating that as a mid level you provide such good care, but if everyone is not on board with your plan it go go bad fast.

There is so much bad in the world and having a baby should be a happy fun time for everyone.  I know we can’t predict everything, but being a mid level provider is hard when you can’t get results done because of your title and because of the current state of our health care. It is just frustrating.

Sorry for the rant.


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