Another attempt at the park

So I am at work today, but I am going to recap my very rare day off yesterday. Most of the day it was spent watching “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix. Around mid-afternoon I got the bright idea to take Bella to the park. I didn’t realize it was only 34 degrees outside. So we went to the park and Bella had a blast for a while till I could not take it any more.





So after the park we went to sign Bella up for doggie day care. I knew this existed, but never thought we would do this. I think she will like it though on those weeks the hubs is at work and is am at clinic and she is stuck home all day.

Yesterday evening I made the Valentine’s puppy chow from my last post and I wanted to share my finished product picture. I changed it up a bit some I has some vanilla white colored drops and made those along with the chocolate.


Oh yeah and we also got some snow. One of the reasons I left the park.


I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! I am working which means I seem to freeze all day long! Thinks makes working so much worse.

Happy Friday though!

If you have made puppy chow before how did you make it?


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