My arms are tired too much CPR

So my weekend turned into work, but it was worth it. I was about to teach CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to high schoolers in a government grant program. This program introduces medicine to kids in the Birmingham area. They all attend city schools which are in serious need if funding. A lot of kids in city school are underprivileged economically or economically, and this it to promote an interested in healthcare and help them stay active in school instead of gangs or other things. I like being a part of a program to give people in America access to things other kids take for granite. Other kids may be give the opportunity and resource and throw it away, but these kids not even have the resources if they want to pursue this path.

The best part was these kids loved hearing how I had used CPR this week to save a life. And they had some fun, but also some awesome questions. When I teach healthcare providers they never say much and just start at you. This class was fun. I am looking forward to the middle schoolers in March.

Btw check out the dummies we use kinda creepy.

are you involved in any youth teaching actives?


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