My Most recent snow day/day off

So instead of going to clinicals yesterday with the impending doom of more ice I went to the Allergist and spent my day running errands. It was cold so I decided to wear my new arm warmers that my dad bought me for Christmas.20140212-090153.jpg
They were fun to wear. I also had a chance to grab some awesome lunch with the nurse hubby. There is a new place called Tau Poco. I has awesome international food!. It brough back memories of when I went to Japan. They had Janese BBQ and other awesome stuff. The hubby had the BBQ but I had Morracan style chicken with some couscous. This place was $10 for the meal plus the cost of drinks. It was awesome to find a place like this in Birmingham so I felt the need to share.20140212-090258.jpg


I am so thankful I have yet to have t spend the night at the hospital. I am hoping this weather is not that bad today so I can go home. I need to be studying for my Women’s Health Boards for NP school. I have been a bad student lately. school and working make me tired. I¬†guess I am use¬†to days off from the¬†3 12’s. I am hoping since I am¬†working today that I might have something interesting to post about, but you never know.

Did you have to spend the night at your hospital recently?  


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