Run nurse run

So after all this snow the beautiful warm Alabama weather decided to come back which got me to thinking. Now that it is warm I can breathe outside so maybe I should run. Now I haven’t really ran seriously since track in high school and I was never more than mile runner because if asthma ( which I have now learned is more severe allergies to outdoors than asthma) so I went running Saturday. I was a beautiful day and where I ran was even more beautiful. Take a look.


I was pretty proud I could still run but I learned the hard way not to skip your allergy meds or u will have an allergic reaction and think u can breathe. I averaged 10 minutes a mile and ran two and walked 1. I know to real runner this is not awesome but I was proud!

So today I went running again but this time with precious Bella. Now let’s remember she is only 4 months old so this was her first real attempt at any kinda run so we did a mile running and a mile walking and running. She did ok but she will only be good for fun running not if I want to get any kind if workout she has to stop because she tires easy. But we are working on this! This is Bella after out exercise. She was tired and is now napping on the couch.


I also wanted to share a picture of our valentines day night dinner setup up. I was at clinicals all day. And the hubby at work so cooking dinner was all I could do. The hubs had gave me my gift already. I got a card and the cat and dog gave me the candle I. The picture. Remember we are broke newly weds nurses with one in graduate school and another about to start.


I forgot to take a picture of the food but we mesquite chicken with sweet potato dumplings green beans and sugar cookies with Reese’s in the center. And don’t forget the best part the wine.

I have some picture to share of the snow too.

So now after exercise I am going to try and study for NP boards. I am already certified in adult/Gero primary care but I decided to be an over achiever and do a dual program with two residency’s. So this is my life


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

where do you run?

if you are new to running how did you start out and what is the best apps to use to track everything?<


2 thoughts on “Run nurse run

  1. such a cute puppy!! I use map my run it works really well but I recently saw online a smart phone app called “charity miles” that donates money to a charity for every mile you run. I have never used it but I checked and it does exist! When I get back into running I’m going to use that and my polar watch (for calories). Good luck with everything!

  2. @nursebythebeach thank you Bella is a lot of fun and my version of a kid. I need to check out the charity miles. I don’t run much right now maybe once or twice a week and just like two miles will my allergies adjust but if that donates anything that would be awesome. Good luck with you running

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