Jab me a Little More will ya? Thanks


So today has been another long day at work. I have started so many IVs today that I am worried Ill be afraid of a needle soon. Starting IVs use to be a skill I loves doing. Not every nurse is good at it and having this skill saved you a lot if time. Well now when I start IVs it is on patients who have been here for days or have small veins or have been receiving chemo etc. These hard people with hard to find veins and have been stuck like a pin vision for day by the nurses on the floor and they just want one last people good to look. As a patient I would hate to see me coming. I wouldn’t let me near them. I just don’t understand how they can thank me after I am down for jabbing them with a sharp metal needle. I feel for these people and the struggle they go through. It pulls at my heart sometimes hearing their cries. I remember when it didn’t that it was something exciting for me to do and I was so excited I forgot I was hurting a human being on purpose. It makes it worse when we say we are only doing this to make you better. I am not sure how a needle makes you better. Now I know antibiotics go through the IV sometimes but dang there as to be better ways. Sorry for my crazy IV rant.

On a happier note my fur baby Bella has a new friend Tucker and she got to go to the park today with her daddy while mommy is at work. Now they are stuck at home with no power and Alabama power can’t give us a time it will come on again.



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