Antihistamine blocked for good

Today on my off day I went to get Rush allergy shots. This is suppose to help me reach the maintinence  dose faster so I can enjoy running outside and not having my throat close up. I am lucky in that I didn’t have a reaction where I needed the epi pen they had me buy, but I still got 18 shot today in my arms. My arms are killing me and to top that off I did start itching really bead at this office to I got Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream for my arms. I now feel like a truck ran me over and I am still itching in random places all over. I can;t even type long without stopping to itch. I’ll let you know if I think this was a good idea later.

On another note Bella got to go to daycare today so she is dead to the world. She loves day care. I saw some of her friends she was playing with. There was a collie, and a bunch of other bigger puppies like her with a lot of energy. I saw about 15 dogs when I picked her up in her approved area. Mommy is happy she is tired cause I can hardly move. At least I don’t feel bad. I just have a benadryl hangover that no amount of caffeine can fix.


sleeping on my leg next to the computer. excuse the coffee table full of school stuff and allergen febreeze I like to spray everywhere


I had to add in a picture of Lucy’s great escape attempt. I opened a window to let fresh air in (silly me) and she jumped on the toilet and tried to get out the window. I guess she didn’t think about the 40 ft drop coming up as she sat on the window sill. I saved her so I didn’t have an injured kitty, but she was not happy that I did.

have you ever had allergy shots and do they work for you?

have you had a house cat escape?

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