So this weekend my dad finally got a chance to use his Christmas gift from my mom. She gave him (with a little help from me) the Rusty Wallace Race Experience. This is were he got to drive a nascar around the track all alone.

So we went to dega me my brother, mom, husband and dad to watch and make sure he didn’t chicken out it crash. He decided to add a ride along onto his package so he got to ride with a professional for 3 lap to get a feel for it. I think going almost 175 around the track shook him up a bit. It would be cause it isn’t normal fast like in a car. My husband says it sucks you to the track and you can’t move and it is different. I think my dad did great driving!! He went pretty fast and seemed more comfortable than some of the other drivers.

Check out him getting in to drive!

have you ever drove a nascar?



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