I graduated

This weekend was a great family weekend. My husbands family came to visit and my family was all here to see me graduate! This Saturday at 2pm I went from being and RN to a NP. It felt weird to wear a gown with wings and a thing around my neck.


I am very happy though it is over. The two residency’s I did in Women’s health and adult/gerontology where a lot of hours. I was a clinic 3 days a week for 10 hours then work 2 days a week for 12. My weekends were spent trying to relax, but it seems there was always something to be done and plenty of grad school work to be done. I am been blessed with a great husband that supported be through it all.


Now if I could only find a job where we are moving! The count down has begun to operation the York’s move to another state and leave the only state they have know behind. ( aka operation move). This month will be spent packing. Which is what we did Sunday with the office. It is all in boxes.

any suggestions for moving from one state to the next?


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